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                                                            PACIFICA MOOSE LODGE 1944

                                                 CHAPTER  1545

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                                                               PACIFICA MOOSE LODGER 1944



SPECIAL EVENTS:  (Open To Members And Qualified Guests)

Jan 8, 2011 Spegetti Feed  (Fun Raiser) $10.00

Feb 5, 2011 Crab Feed (Fun Raiser Little League) $40.00  (Live  Music & DJ) Macdaddy  7pm-11pm



Sunday:- Bingo

Monday: Meetings/Monday Night Football

Tuesday: 1st & Third General Meeting

Tuesday: 2nd 4th Tuesday Ladies Dance Night (Line Dance/Salsa/)Hula Hooping
Dance/Hoop Class Cost $10.00 

Wednesday: WOTM Women Of The Moose Meetings

Thursday-Steak Dinner's Live Blues /Line Dancing /Salsa/Karaoke (Macdaddy)

Friday: Family  Dinner's 

Saturday: Various Events 




Tuesdays (2nd & 4th Of The Month

Dance Class Line Dancing/Salsa/Chicago Steppin / Hula Hooping 6pm-8pm

Thursday's Live Blues/Line Dancing/Karaoke 6pm-10:30pm

Macdaddy  DJ/Dance/Hoop Instructor